Tuesday, August 4, 2020

The 2020 Middle Child's Day Gift Guide

     Can’t figure out what to get the Middle Children in your life for Middle Child’s Day? What’s that... you didn’t even know there was a Middle Child’s Day?? Well, I can see I have my work cut out for me.
     It’s wishful thinking to expect many people will remember Middle Child’s Day, let alone get us a gift, but in the off chance someone actually does, the “2020 Middle Child’s Day Gift Guide” makes searching for the perfect gift easier than remembering our birthdays. And you can purchase any of these gifts from the comfort and safety of your home, so don’t try using the pandemic as an excuse!
     MIDDLE CHILDREN, TAKE NOTE: The folks at the Whiskey River Soap Co. are at it again. Their Middle Child Candle and Middle Child Soap were featured in the 2018 Middle Child’s Day Gift Guide. They make the list again with pencils and journals for the Middle Child. After all, when it comes to being overlooked and forgotten, Middle Children could write a book. With gifts like these, now we can!
     MIDDLE CHILD REQUIRED READING: And speaking of books... “The Secret Power of Middle Children: How Middleborns Can Harness Their Unexpected and Remarkable Abilities” is a Middle Child must read. I spoke with co-author Catherine Salmon about her book on my “Pay No Attention to this Podcast,” and even though I think the overly positive title raises expectations and sets us up for disappointment, I still award it the I.M.C.U. Seal of Approval. I mean, it’s okay to dream, right?
     MID KID FASHION STATEMENTS: Help a Middle Child find what to wear to the next family function they're not invited too. Browse the huge selection of Middle Child tee-shirts at Chummy Tees, Etsy, and dozens of online shops. And don’t forget to check out all the 2020 Middle Child's Day, Middle Child Party, I.M.C.U. apparel and more available exclusively at the Smack Dab Shop.
     MIDDLE CHILD COVER-UPS: Wearing a mask says a lot about your commitment to keeping yourself and those around you safe. These say even more. See the selection available at Teepublic and the Smack Dab Shop.
     MIDDLE CHILD DECOR: What’s brewing in the world of Middle Child furnishings and accessories? Middle Child mugs, for one thing. Find them at Zazzle, Amazon, and Redbubble. Or make a Middle Child’s Middle Child’s Day with this Mid Kid throw pillow. It will make a Mid Kid actually feel at home. Sort of.
     ALL I WANT FOR MIDDLE CHILD’S DAY: is some attention. But since that’s not gonna happen, maybe a Middle Child Christmas Ornament will do? You can even get it personalized with the name of your favorite Middle Child. That is if you remember their name. Of course, any of the gifts on this list would make a great Holiday present. And yes, I know it’s kinda early to be doing Christmas shopping, but since the middle Kringle probably won’t be climbing down the chimney with a sack of goodies on Middle Child’s Day Eve, maybe you could get a head start. You know, before you forget altogether. Sure, they probably won’t be as good as the gifts the older and younger siblings get, but what else is new? 

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the 2014 Gift Guide, and even more ideas from Etsy.
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Coming Soon: All NEW Middle Child's Day Greeting Cards!

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