Thursday, July 30, 2020

A Global Virtual Parade for Middle Child's Day!

     In a previous post, I announced the International Middle Child Union was scrapping our yearly plans to find a sponsor for a Middle Child’s Day parade. Even though I’m confident there would’ve been low turnout, I’m pretty sure it was still the responsible thing to do. But while making this announcement on an Indianapolis radio show, a thought occurred to me. We’ve gotten pretty good at finding new ways of doing old things lately. Musicians are streaming concerts from their homes. We’re having Zoom family get-togethers. Town council meetings are being held remotely. Does a virtual parade sound like such a far-fetched idea? Clearly it’s not. Fremont, CA just had a 4th of July “Porch Parade.” Lexington, MA had a virtual Patriots Day parade. And San Antonio, TX had a virtual Riverwalk Parade. So in true Middle Child fashion I say, “If they can have one, why can’t we? It’s only fair!”
     That’s why I’m thrilled to announce today the I.M.C.U. is planning a global “Middle Child's Day Virtual Parade” on August 12. As the founder of the world’s largest (and only) Middle Child advocacy group, I am reaching out to Middle Children all across the country -- and all around the world -- seeking their participation. We welcome Middle Children of all ages, but the global “Middle Child’s Day Virtual Parade” is open to virtually everyone. If you know a Middle Child, are related to a Middle Child, or even ever felt like a Middle Child, we’d be more than happy for you to join us.
     After months of self-isolating and quarantining, a virtual parade is just what the doctor ordered. Everyone could certainly use a good laugh, and the I.M.C.U. is more than happy to oblige. Even if that means you’re just laughing at us. We’ll take the attention any way we can get it. Beggars can’t be choosers.   
     All you have to do to join the parade is submit a short clip or photograph of your parade entry. It could be something as simple as a banner, sign or tee-shirt, or maybe a miniature shoe box parade float or a one-man Middle Child marching band. Let your imagination run wild. Entries will be edited into a parade video viewable on August 12 at the Smack Dab Channel on YouTube. The most creative entry from each city will have a chance to be named “Virtual Grand Marshal.” Full entry information is listed below.
          This is clearly no time to be going to a parade, so why not have the parade come to you!? Submit your entry, and help make our “Middle Child’s Day Virtual Parade” a reality.

1. Design and decorate a Middle Child themed banner, poster, flag, or float. (Here’s a link to learn about how to make your own miniature shoe box float.) Wear a Middle Child themed tee shirt, dress up as a famous real-life or TV Middle Child, or create anything you might march in a real parade with.
2. Video or photograph your entry in a horizontal (landscape) format.
3. For photos: save as JPG. For videos: clip should be 15 seconds in length. Any motion should be a “pan,” moving the camera from right to left as you look through the lens.
4. Go to the Smack Dab Facebook page and attach your video or photo to a message, or send your entry as an e-mail attachment to
5. SEND YOUR ENTRY NO LATER THAN AUGUST 10. Include your name, city, state, country, and e-mail contact.

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