Saturday, December 7, 2013

Giving Gifts to a Middle Child: 5 Helpful Holiday Tips

     As with pretty much everything else involving a Middle Child, buying presents for us can be very tricky. To help make the holidays happier (and to avoid making matters even worse for us), I’m posting these handy Middle Child gift giving guidelines. Pass this information on to parents, friends and siblings, and let them know if they choose not to follow these tips, they do so at their own risk. They can't say they haven't been warned!
    Of course, even if they follow these suggestions to the letter, we'll still think they did something wrong, but we'll deal with that in next year's tips.
WARNING: Do NOT try this at home!

1)   Whatever you spend on the other siblings, make sure you spend the exact same amount on your Middle Child. Not a penny less. Whoever said, “It’ s the thought that counts,” definitely wasn’t a Middle Child.
2)   The only time you can disregard Tip #1 is if you plan on spending more on your Middle Child than on their siblings. This is perfectly justifiable. It’s the least you can do to make up for years of neglect.
3)   Always buy the same number of gifts for each sibling. Even if you spend more on your Middle Child for fewer gifts, it doesn’t matter. Trust me. (Of course, as in Tip #2, it’s always okay to spend more for more gifts for your Middle Child.)
4)   Do not buy your Middle Child and any other sibling the same gift. Even if it’s something your Middle Child really wants. That will just ruin it.
5)   Never justify a gift by saying, “Your brother/sister has one just like it!” Just don’t do it. Do I really have to explain why?

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  1. Great tips, am the middle of 3 kids born in 22 months. Birthdays were crappy too since mine fell last in the year. Younger. Bro. Got new swimsuit in mid may. Older sis got new swimsuit in early June. I got same swimsuit in different color at the end of June.


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