Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Top 10 Middle Child Costumes for Halloween

     For many Middle Children, Halloween is an opportunity to not be a Middle Child -- at least for a day. But I say it's the perfect time to embrace your Middle Child-ness. Or at least a chance to be a different Middle Child -- maybe even a famous Middle Child! Here are  some suggestions:

10. The Multimillionaire Middle Child: All it takes is a snazzy suit and a horrible hairdo, and Voila! -- you’re Donald Trump. Or if you prefer a more understated look, this Tech Digest article outlines all the geek garb you’ll need to be Bill Gates.

9. A Very Brady Halloween: This year, make it all about Jan, Jan, Jan! Choose the traditional TV series look, or the wigged out movie look. Either way, it's a fitting Halloween homage.

8. Famous FOX Mid Kids: They may never get their own spin-offs, so why not let Mid Kids Chris Griffin or Lisa Simpson be the center of attention, just for the night.

7. The Middle Mermaid: Everyone knows all about Ariel, but why not change things up this year and go as her lesser known sister, Ethel? Yes, Ethel Mermaid.

6. The Irrelephant: If you’re really looking for some attention this Halloween, (and honestly, what Middle Child isn’t?), here's the perfect costume: a pachyderm with Middle Child Syndrome!

5. The Invisible Man: You’ve been playing the part for years, so you might as well dress the part this Halloween. Wrap some gauze around your head, slap on some sunglasses, throw on a bathrobe, and you’re good to go! It'll be like you're not even there. What else is new?

4. The World’s Easiest Middle Child Halloween Costume: All you need is a banana. When people ask you what you’re supposed to be, just tell them, “I’m the Monkey in the Middle!” Because you really are.

3. Simon Says, "Trick or Treat!": Speaking of second bananas... Even though he's only 5 minutes younger (season 6, Episode 60), he spent his life living in the shadows of his trouble-making brother “ALVIN!!!” Halloween is your chance to let Middle Chipmunk Simon Seville step into the limelight.

2. Halloween’s Most Famous Middle Child: The real star of the Charlie Brown Halloween special isn’t pumpkin-headed Charlie, but his blanket toting buddy Linus Van Pelt -- younger brother of Lucy, and older brother of Rerun. He's been waiting for the Great Pumpkin since 1966!! If he's not worthy of a Middle Child Halloween costume tribute, I don’t know who is.

And the #1 Middle Child Halloween costume suggestion is...


Happy Halloween!

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