Wednesday, February 9, 2022

The Middle Child Valentine's Day Playlist

          Feeling unloved on Valentine’s Day? Welcome to the club! Now you know what it feels like to be a Middle Child every day! Being overlooked and under-loved is something we know all too well, but on Valentine’s Day it feels even worse. (It feels almost as bad as getting zero attention on Middle Child’s Day, but not quite. Nothing's worse than that.)
          To help you through what will likely be a particularly difficult day of Middle Child misery, I’ve compiled a special Valentine’s Day playlist – a collection of songs that capture the essence of feeling unwanted and unloved -- a selection of standards from the Middle Child Syndrome songbook. So when you need a break from keeping track of who did and didn’t wish you a “Happy Valentine’s Day,” take a moment from feeling slighted and forgotten, click the links and crank up a little music to feel sorry for yourself by.
       Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day!!
Eric Carmen
Simple Minds
Listen to the Middle Child version, a.k.a. “The Middle Child Anthem
The Motels
Billy Idol
Gilbert O'Sullivan
Andrew Gold
Turns out he wasn't really a lonely boy at all. Find out more here
Check out these great ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day like a Middle Child! 

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