Monday, August 2, 2021

The 2021 Middle Child’s Day Gift Guide

          Well, I’m not gonna lie. This is getting harder and harder every year. I mean, it’s not like stores are flooding the market with new Middle Child focused offerings. But I forge onward…
OUR TIME HAS COME: Back in September, I gushed in a post about a new watch from Detroit-based luxury retailer Shinola called “The Middle Child.” Shinola promised this will be “a Middle Child everyone will notice.” At $395, it better be.
FANCY FOOTWORK: Help a Middle Child put their best foot forward on Middle Child’s Day with a pair of Middle Child socks from this more-than-you-ever-imagined-could-possibly-exist selection. Proof that now more than ever, it truly socks to be the Middle Child.
What better way to top off another overlooked Middle Child’s Day than with this stylish baseball cap from Kitson Los Angeles. Or choose The Hand-Me-Down cap from the Middle Child proprietors at It’s brand new, but has that already worn look any Middle Child knows too well.
from the people who brought you “The Birth Order Book,” what many consider the birth order bible, comes “My Middle Child, There’s No One Like You.” Written by Dr. Kevin Leman, the birth order guru, the book jacket encourages people to “Read this book with your Middle Child to show him or her the never-ending reach of your love.” That is if there’s any time left after reading to their older and younger siblings. “The Middle Kid,” by Steven Weinberg, gives readers the chance to experience a day in the life of a Middle Child. Like who would want to do that!?
MIDDLE CHILD SYNDROME CAN LEAVE A SOUR TASTE IN YOUR MOUTH: Celebrate the bitter and beleaguered Middle Children in your life with “The Ultimate Variety Sour Box” from CyberSweetz - a 30 Piece Assortment Of The World’s Most Sour Candy.
MIDDLE CHILD MASKS: I was really hoping this item wouldn’t need to be included in this year’s gift guide, but here we go again. Let’s make sure this is the last time it makes the list. If you live in a area of high COVID-19 transmission, make sure to get vaccinated, and mask up! Get yours now at the Smack Dab Shop.

When in doubt, the Smack Dab Shop is your go to stop for 2021 Middle Child’s Day styles. Shop with confidence knowing every item has received the International Middle Child Union Seal of Approval.

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