Monday, July 26, 2021

Middle Child Masterpiece Theater Honors 2021 Inductees

          In anticipation of the August 12th celebration of Middle Child’s Day, the International Middle Child Union (I.M.C.U.) welcomes three new Middle Child Masterpiece Theater members. These newest honorees will be enshrined alongside 15 other fictional Middle Children who have made an indelible mark on the small and big screen. And the 2021 Middle Child Masterpiece Theater inductees are… (DRUMROLL
 (played by Jason Bateman)
          As the opening credits tell us, “Arrested Development” is “the story of a wealthy family who lost everything, and the one son who had no choice but to keep them all together.” That one son is Michael, the overworked, underappreciated, on-again off-again head of The Bluth Company. Michael is basically a nice guy, and the only member of his family who appears to have any morals. Due to typo on his birth certificate, his real name is actually Nichael.
 (played by Dax Shepard)
          Often known as the irresponsible screw-up of the Braverman family on “Parenthood,” he’s not a successful businessman like his big brother or a hot-shot lawyer like his little sister. But after learning he has a five year old son, Crosby gets his shit together and ultimately does find success, opening a recording studio with his older brother. Crosby is played by a real life Middle Child. Maybe that’s why his performances are so convincing.



 (played by Alfonso Ribeiro)
          A privileged preppy, virgin, hard-core conservative, Tom Jones fanatic, and sympathetic foil to Will Smith on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”  He will forever be remembered by the dance that bears his name.
Previous Middle Child Masterpiece Theater inductees include: 
Barry Goldberg (The Goldberg’s), Ramona Quimby, Jan Brady (The Brady Bunch), Malcolm Wilkerson (Malcolm in the Middle), Stephanie Tanner (Full House), Lisa Simpson (The Simpson’s), Alex Dunphy (Modern Family), Fredo Corleone (The Godfather), Dewey Duck (Ducktales), Carol Seaver (Growing Pains), Cory Matthews (Boy Meets World), Chris Griffin (Family Guy), Sue Heck (The Middle), Darlene Connor (Roseann), Danny Partridge (The Partridge Family).
See them all on the Smack Dab Channel.

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