Thursday, July 1, 2021

Did You Know that July is Middle Child’s Day Preparedness Month?

          Of course you didn’t. I just made it up! Look, I fully realize our namesake day is hardly top-of-mind. Middle Child’s Day is so overlooked, we need all the help we can get. So as the founder and Union Boss of the International Middle Child Union, I am officially hijacking July in my continued (and apparently futile) effort to raise awareness of our wannabe big day. After all, seeking attention is what Middle Children do best, and I’ll take all measures necessary to get us some.
          Check this blog frequently in the coming weeks as we’ll be providing updates on the latest plans for Middle Child's Day celebrations around the world. It should be an easy job, since there are none. Ugh. Lack of interest aside, you’ll find a range of Middle Child's Day related topics, plus FREE I.M.C.U. Membership Cards, our annual “Middle Child's Day Gift Guide,” and more. It all culminates with the highly not anticipated release of this year's FREE Middle Child's Day greeting cards -- not available in any store! 
          Of course they're not.
NOTE: July is also “Wart Awareness Month,” plus a slew of other maladies, so it looks like we’ll be fighting for our share of attention. What else is new?

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