Monday, May 11, 2020

They're Playing Our Song: Part 2

     On May 12, 1973, the classic 70’s song, “Stuck in the Middle with You,” by British folk/rock band Stealers Wheel, peaked at #6 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart, selling over one million copies along the way.
     The song is not in any way about being a Middle Child. It’s actually about a label signing party the band members attended with music industry executives. Guitarist Gerry Rafferty had lifelong issues with the record industry, and despised being around them -- they're the “clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right.”  The song was also performed as a parody of Bob Dylan, sung in a style so similar, to this day people attribute the song to Dylan.
     Actual meaning aside, the song has struck a chord with Middle Children all around the world who consider it the perfect theme song. (I even adopted it as the official intro to the “Pay No Attention to This Podcast.”)
     Of course, having a Top 10 hit is quite an accomplishment, but the song never made it all the way to #1. As any Middle Child will tell you, that’s a way too familiar tune.

(INTERESTING SIDE NOTE: Gerry Rafferty had left the band when this music video was made. That's actually keyboardist Joe Egan miming to Rafferty's vocal track.)

     In celebration of this historical day, I've compiled a list of cover versions of “Stuck in the Middle With You” for your listening pleasure. And mine. (SPOILER ALERT: none of these are as good as the original. I've ranked them from top down. Whaddaya think?)


  1. I agree with the order you placed these covers. But since I'm partial to acoustic covers, Arkivet is my favorite!
    I didn't really like the cover by Green River Ordinance, but I listened to their cover of American Girl-amazing. Now I'm listening to their new album and liking it alot. Gotta love some new music...

  2. COVER VERSION UPDATE: Jimmy Fallon & The Roots


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