Thursday, August 8, 2013

Who needs Hallmark? The MidMark Middle Child's Day greeting cards are here!

     Don't you just hate fighting those crowds at the store to get your Middle Child's Day greeting cards? Oh, that's right - there aren't any Middle Child's Day greeting cards. Well, now there are. Presenting the 2013 Middle Child's Day greeting cards from MidMark. Each card captures the joy of being a Middle Child and reminds us all of the special place they hold in the family. Boy, will it remind them. Of course, there's a belated Middle Child's Day Card -- because maybe, just maybe, someone might forget. And fittingly, there's even a hand-me-down greeting card. You can copy and e-mail them, or better yet -- just send the link to this page and they can have them all!. What better way to tell the Middle Children in your life that you're thinking of them -- a little.


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    1. I've heard of automated replies, but this has got to be the most generic, impersonal, and even off-topic, reply I have ever seen. Seriously.

  2. Thank you for you awareness-raising efforts! I've shared this with my parents, who were middle kids themselves... not sure I'm ready to lay a huge guilt trip on my siblings, though. They don't really deserve that, do they?


Middle Children need to be heard!