Monday, August 19, 2013

#MidKidStrike: The Day in Review

     I never thought I'd say this, but Middle Child’s Day was a pretty good day! With all of the attention from my efforts to raise awareness for the day, I almost felt like a first-born. Here’s a quick breakdown of some highlights. (For a complete list of all the Middle Child’s Day coverage, see "International Middle Child Union in the News" on the sidebar. If you know of any others, please let me know.)
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An article in the Ft. Lauderdale Sun Sentinel was sourced by MSN and shared on Facebook and MSN almost 400,000 times. Who knows how many more people actually saw it? And that was just that one post! I spent most of the day talking to newspapers, radio stations, and TV stations from Pensacola to Portland, Spokane to Springfield  -- and beyond – about our efforts, and also provided a view of life through the distorted lens of a Middle Child. On line, Vanity Fair wrote about the #MidKidStrike, as did iVillage, Jezebel and many other sites and blogs. Apparently, the news also crossed the border, with coverage from Toronto all the way to Victoria, British Colombia. They were even talking about it in Australia and Ghana! But you really know you’re making news when you get a shout out from Al Roker on the Today show! So, even though actual participation in the #MidKidStrike might have been below expectations, media coverage far exceeded them.  But clearly, our work is not over.
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          For example, many didn't find out Middle Child's Day was on Monday, until Tuesday. Others thought Middle Child's Day actually was on Tuesday. And you can be sure there were many more who still have no idea when it is or that it even exists. So the crusade continues, because the struggle for Middle Child rights is about more than just one day. That’s why here at the world headquarters of the I.M.C.U (my kitchen) we are totally committed to the cause -- 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, except when I have other stuff to do. Remember, it’s easy to ignore one Middle Child, but if we all band together, we can get the attention we so desperately desire. Hellooo!?  I said it’s easy to ignore… oh, never mind.
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