Monday, July 24, 2023

Get Ready for a Middle Child's Day "Saturday Surge"

          This year, Middle Child’s Day (August 12) falls on a Saturday, and as the world’s leading only Middle Child advocate, I have two words for restaurants and bars around the world: stock up! Yeah, I
know Middle Child’s Day usually passes unsurprisingly unnoticed. Every year following Middle Child’s Day, I share my disappointment with the world. But I have high hopes for this year. After all, it’s a Saturday night! There’s no work or school for most people the next day, so I figure everyone has the whole day and night to celebrate.
        Look, I’m not going to make excuses for the lackluster enthusiasm for our eponymous day in years past. But there’s been rain, flooding, high winds, wildfires, bad air quality, and global warming -- not to mention a worldwide pandemic!
          Unrealistic expectations aside, despite a history of low interest for Middle Child’s Day, I remain unwavering in my belief that this year will be different, which is why I’m urging proprietors to be prepared for a Saturday surge of MidKid revelry. I even have a few thoughts for a Middle Child’s Day menu. Maybe a ‘middle cut’ ribeye or strip steak? Or how about a Middle Child twist to a Martini or Manhattan? Just add some extra bitters. 
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