Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Middle Child's Day Parade Global Highlights

          Another Middle Child's Day is here, and as the founder of the International Middle Child Union, I’m excited to share with you the results of our latest effort to raise awareness of our overlooked namesake day. To be honest, getting the word out about a holiday nobody pays attention to is an uphill battle, but that didn't stop the world’s largest (okay, we're the world's only) Middle Child advocacy group from reaching out to Middle Children everywhere, seeking their participation in a global "virtual" parade in honor of our special day.
          As you can see in this highlight video from Middle Child's Day parades all around the world, I'd say the excitement and enthusiasm for Middle Child's Day speaks for itself.


  1. Even though 11 days have passed since Middle Child's Day and I am just now reading this post, as a middle child I still felt the excitement and enthusiasm for the day! I'm sorry that I missed the live viewing of all the world parades, but do appreciate the video presentation you've provided here, it's very energizing!


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