Friday, November 16, 2012

It's a Love (but mostly) Hate Thing.

How do you feel about being a
Middle Child? Let your voice be heard!
          In my role as the self-appointed spokesperson for the self-created International Society of Middle Children, I spend a lot of time (okay, too much time) monitoring the pulse of Middle Children everywhere -- well, mostly Middle Children on Twitter. And I have to tell you that most of what I hear is not good. Actually, it’s quite bad. Based on a totally random sample over the course of a few days, almost 85% of Middle Child tweets have something negative to say about being a Middle Child. They range from, “Being the Middle Child sucks #ShootMeInTheFace,” to “Being the Middle Child really fucking sucks!” all the way to “Being the Middle Child is the worst thing ever.” There’s a lot of, “I hate being the Middle Child” and also “No one likes the Middle Child” pops up quite often. I’m assuming that’s a Middle Child saying that, but if not that’s just as bad. In my statistically insignificant study, just a mere 9% of Middle Children have anything positive to Tweet about being stuck in the middle.
That means for every, “I luv being the Middle Child” there’s like nine “Being a Middle Child is bullshit! #nobodycaresaboutme” or “This is why it’s shit 2 b the Middle Child because you're not special in any fucking way.” There’s also a lot of talk about Middle Child Syndrome, which has to qualify as a negative comment because who likes to have a syndrome? The remaining 6% of Middle Children are either ambivalent (“Sometimes I hate being the Middle Child while other times I feel blessed”) or in a category that defies description (“I am a Middle Child & slowly working 2 b the 1st Canadian 2 win the Nobel Prize in Liturature.”) God, I hope he was joking. Anyway, here’s your chance to weigh in on how YOU feel about being a Middle Child. Cast your vote, or feel free to post a comment about how you feel.

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