Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Calling All "Middle" Towns!

     As founder of the International Middle Child, I’ve made it my mission to raise awareness of Middle Child’s Day. Middle Child’s Day? There’s a Middle Child’s Day? Yes, there is. And it’s August 12th. Apparently, I need to do more. That’s why for 2017, I’m launching the Middle Child’s Day “Middle” Town Outreach program. I’ve compiled a list of every town I could find with Middle in its name, and  I’m reaching out to them for help. As our new Middle Child-in-Chief would say, the goal is to make Middle Child’s Day great again.
     I’m asking “Middle” towns to issue a proclamation or formal announcement on August 12th in support of Middle Child’s Day. I’ve been in touch with “Middle” towns all across America, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom, and I’m generally encouraged by the reaction I’m receiving. It’s only June, and already a handful of towns have indicated they’re on board. I mean, giving a Middle Child some attention clearly isn’t as important to them as garbage collection, but what else is new?
     As August 12th approaches, I expect even more to participate. Honestly, if a “Middle” town can’t throw a little attention a Middle Child’s way, then we have no hope.

You can hear excerpts from some of the calls I’ve made to “Middle” towns, and more, 
on the latest episode of “Pay No Attention to this Podcast.”
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  1. Don't forget Midland and Middleville, MI!

  2. Trying to be a purist, so only going with full Middle in the name! Will be in touch with Middleville, MI!!


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