Tuesday, October 18, 2016

BREAKING NEWS: International Middle Child Union Threatens Lawsuit Against Donald Trump

     Sick and tired of Donald Trump’s continued embrace of negative Middle Child stereotypes, the International Middle Child Union is stealing a page from the Republican Presidential nominee’s playbook. “We’re threatening a lawsuit,” says I.M.C.U. boss Bruce Hopman. “All the name calling, claims of being an outsider, lashing out at his Republican “family” -- it’s like the very worst Middle Child behavior on steroids, all together in one package, covered in an orange wrapper!” 
     As the world’s leading Middle Child advocate, Hopman proposes filing a defamation of character class-action lawsuit on behalf of all Middle Children, arguing Donald Trump has done irreparable damage to their image. “It’s hard to advance the cause when the world’s most visible Middle Child is out there 24-7 behaving like an angry, spoiled, whining, cry baby,” says Hopman.
     “When it comes to giving Middle Children a bad name, we don’t need any more help.”

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