Friday, August 1, 2014

Middle Child's Day Update #4: Show Some #MidKidPride

Don't forget to wave your virtual Mid Kid flag on Middle Child's Day!
Use #MidKidPride on your social media all day long. Why not start now?
     Middle Child’s Day is the one day a year we get to bask in all our Mid Kid glory. I can hardly wait for all the festivities and flag waving. Of course, there will be no parades or parties. And we certainly don’t have a flag -- so I created one!
     Like all flags, it has symbolic meaning: the large green and blue blocks on either side represent the older and younger siblings, and all the attention they get. That little thin white stripe of nothingness in between them? That’s what we get. A whole lot of nothing. As you'd expect, just like any self-respecting flag, ours also has a motto -- in Latin, no less: 

“Attentionem Ante Omnia” -- “Attention Above All.”
        But what good is a flag without a pledge? Now we needed one of them, too. So how do you cook up the perfect pledge? Just follow this easy recipe. Take one part Pledge of Allegiance, mix in a helping of Boy Scout Oath, a pinch of Postal Service Motto, just a splash of Naturalization Oath and “Voila!” There you have it -- the "Middle Child Pledge of Allegiance."  Please repeat after me:

I pledge allegiance, to the flag, of the International Middle Child Union,
and on my honor, I will do my best, to do my duty,
and support and defend the by laws of the Union against all siblings, older and younger,
Whether snow or rain or heat or gloom of night,
With impartiality and attention for all.

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