Wednesday, February 12, 2014

It's High Time NBC Put Curling in Prime Time!

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       I've already explained in previous posts how curling and Middle Children have a lot in common, and why the International Middle Child Union is throwing it's full support behind this overshadowed and under appreciated sport. But just because Curling is the Middle Child of Winter Olympic events, that doesn't mean NBC has to treat it like one. I mean, nobody likes being treated like a Middle Child. Not even Middle Children. Especially Middle Children. That's why I wrote this letter to NBC, asking them to stop playing favorites and give Curling a shot on the "big stage" -- a Prime Time slot, when people are actually watching. Support the International Middle Child Union Curling Crusade by sharing this letter on Twitter and Facebook. It's easy to ignore one Middle Child, but if we all band together, we can make this happen! I said it's easy to ignore one... oh, never mind.

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