Monday, April 8, 2013

The International Society of Middle Children is now the International Middle Child Union!

We've got a logo! That makes us almost legitimate.
     That's right, we've unionized! (At least we're calling ourselves a union. According to WikiHow, there's a lot of work involved in forming a real union, and quite frankly, who can be bothered? I have more important things to do with my time, like make logos and membership cards for self-created, un-certified unions.) Anyway, what's a union, real or otherwise, without a logo? Or an acronym, for that matter. Well, we've got one of them too!
     The International Middle Child Union, or I.M.C.U, is open for membership to Middle Children of all ages. After all, you never stop being a Middle Child -- even when you're no longer a child. It's the gift that keeps on giving! We also welcome  anyone who's sympathetic to the cause, because sometimes being a Middle Child is more than just a matter of birth order -- it's a state of mind.
     Joining the union is easy, but even more important, it's FREE. You can show your support by doing any of the following:
          - "Like" us on Facebook
          -  Follow us on Twitter
          -  Subscribe to or follow this blog
      If you're a real screwed up Middle Child, you can even do all three! And while you're here, make sure to find out about our upcoming Middle Child Strike. Hey, we're a union -- aren't we supposed to have a strike? Scroll down 7 posts for details, or use the handy Blog Archive. Once you've joined, remember to cut out the membership card below. (No cheating, you have to join first!) It will prove you're a card carrying Middle Child. As if you needed any more proof.


  1. ha this is great!

  2. My brother was supposed to have a party today (8/12), but he forgot.

  3. My brother was supposed to have party today (8/12), but he forgot.


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