Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Middle Child Strike

Join the #MiddleChildStrike
     A couple of weeks ago, a Twitter follower Tweeted, "I'm going to create a Middle Child Union so all the Middle Children everywhere can strike against the universe." I'm pretty sure she was joking when she said this, but I got to thinking, "What if we really did have a GLOBAL strike?" The idea really stuck with me for two reasons. First, Middle Children are always supposed to be craving attention, right? What better what to get the attention we seek then to have a strike!? There's an estimated 70 million of us all around the world -- that's a lot of attention. Secondly, August 12th is supposed to officially be Middle Child's Day, even though nobody knows about it. If we have our strike on that day, it would be a great way to raise awareness. "But what are we striking against?" you might ask. The answer is -- WHO CARES!?! We're just trying to get some attention!! The strike would be symbolic, but we could make a list of "demands" -- things that really bother us about being a Middle Child that we'd like to change. I already started compiling a list based on real gripes people Tweet:

We demand some attention!!
          "It is not permitted to roam about Glasgow with one sister while the Middle one is at work."
          "No more being forced to stay at home with my siblings"
          "I will not wear my sister's dress to the father/daughter dance."
     You know, stuff like that. Of course, it will take as many @MidKidMusings followers as possible to make this happen, so here are some things you can do to help: Spread the word on Twitter, Facebook or anywhere else you can think of; Post a #MiddleChildStrike demand of your own; Use #MiddleChildStrike as often as possible. 
              I'll update progress on the Smack Dab blog , at the SmackDab Facebook page , and of course on Twitter. I'm not looking to get all 70 million of us to participate -- just A LOT of us. If we could even get a few thousand, they'd HAVE to acknowledge us. At least for a day.

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