Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Middle Child Economics (MCE 101)

Yeah, he's one of us! It figures.
         The benefits of being a Middle Child just keep getting better and better. I know we complain a lot about how we're always getting short changed, but I thought that was figuratively speaking. Well, it turns out we literally are, too.
         A 2011 CareerBuilder study found that among workers with siblings, a first born is the most likely to earn more than $100,000, while a last born is the most likely to work in middle management. And what about the Middle Child? We’re the ones most likely to have an entry level position earning less than $35,000! Can’t a Middle Child get a break? We couldn’t even own the middle management category? It has our name written all over it! But it gets even better.

          In April, 2012, Harris Interactive conducted a survey for CouponCabin.com on how birth order influences financial decisions. Check out what they found. “Middle Children, who report they are the most financially responsible, are also the most likely to be asked to lend money to their siblings. Nearly half (49%) of Middle Children said they have been asked by their older or younger siblings for dough.” 36% of first borns say they’ve been asked, and 29% of last borns report they’ve been hit up by their brothers or sisters.
          So, we make the least, but we get asked to lend money the most. Really!?! When you think about it, it probably makes sense. We’re SO desperate for love and attention, we want to be wanted and need to be needed SO badly, we’ll take it any way we can get it. We’ll even PAY for it! Of course, that’s just my two cents. Feel free to borrow it.

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